For almost 20 years ResNav has partnered with payroll providers to deliver software solutions to meet the specific needs of your clients. Often, these solutions were the reason the client decided to move forward with payroll providers. In addition, to our most popular software solutions including Position Control, CollegeTime, eTracker, ACA Hours, Check Detail Conversions,Total Compensation Statements, Timberline (Sage 300) Connector, Certified Payrolls, InvoiceR, POS Connectors and The YMCA Solution, we have the expertise to create custom software solutions to meet your client’s needs.
It is very common for our team of experts to listen to the client’s needs and determine that one of our current software solutions will meet their need.However, if additional development is required, we will scope the requirements and deliver a proposal.Each client is assigned a Project Manager who will work with the client and our development team through Design, Test, Implementation, Training, and Production. We deliver our clients ongoing professional support and secure web hosting. Our software solutions have a simple pay-as-you-go pricing and one-time implementation fee.

Round Out Payroll Provider Solutions with Integrated Software Development

Position Control

Timberline (Sage 300) Connector


Certified Payrolls



ACA Hours and Check Detail Conversions

POS Connectors

Total Compensation Statements

YMCA Solution